Valves for flexible endoscopy

Disposable and single-use valves of Endoss

Valves for endoscopes require a regular and precise cleaning procedure. The single-use valves of Endoss contribute to the patient safety and ensure an optimized infection prevention.

Our mission is to increase patient safety and to reduce the risk of infections. An additional advantage is that both manual and machine steps for cleaning, disinfection and drying become unnecessary. As a result, CSA / CSD employees are less burdened and more efficient work is done. Our valves comply with the guidelines of the SFERD Quality Manual 4.1, which states that single-use devices are always preferable to reusable devices. All our products are labeled in accordance with the MDR. Each package is provided with a GS1 barcode or data matrix (UDI).

Endoscope valves are an integral part of the flexible endoscope. For this reason, valves must always remain at the endoscope, both during cleaning, disinfecting, drying, during transport as during the examination. In order to work safely and consistently, Endoss has a range of single-use and disposable valves:

  • Single-use biopsy valves. The single-use biopsy valves from Endoss ensure that contamination is prevented and time is saved. Endoss offers biopsy valves for Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax endoscopes.
  • Disposable air/water suction valves. The air/water suction valves from Endoss is saving time because the valves no longer have to be cleaned manually.

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