Endoss brushes

A suitable brush for every method

At Endoss you will always find a brush that matches the working method of you or your employees. Various methods are used at cleaning flexible endoscopes. Depending on the purpose and method of the user, you can make a choice for a specific type of brush. To serve all users, Endoss offers brushes for various methods, namely our push & pull brushes for a receding movement and  a retracting movement.

  • JPP50 Push&Pull Brush L230cm
    JPP50 Push&Pull Brush L230cm Ø2.1-4.5mm
  • JPS50 Push&Pull Brush L160cm
    JPS50 Push&Pull Brush L160cm Ø2.1-4.5mm
  • 10040 - Push&Pull JPX40
    JPX40 Push&Pull Brush L120cm
    JPX40 Push&Pull Brush L120cm Ø1.9-2.5mm
  • JPP30 Push&Pull Brush L160cm
    JPP30 Push&Pull Brush L160cm Ø1.9-2.5mm
  • JP1060 2-sided Brush 5mm+10mm
    JP1060 2-sided Brush 5mm+10mm
  • JP75 Channels + Valves Brush Kit
    JP75 Channels + Valves Brush Kit
  • JP10 Single Brush L230cm
    JP10 Single Brush L230cm Ø2.1-4.5mm
  • JP20 Double Brush L230cm Ø2.1-4.5mm
    JP20 Double Brush L230cm
    JP20 Double Brush L230cm Ø2.1-4.5mm
  • JP123 Brush L230cm
    JP123 Brush L230cm Ø1.2-1.8mm
  • Endoss
    JP128 Brush L110cm
    JP128 Brush L110cm Ø1.0-1.8mm

Contact us

Endoss is constantly involved in the development and improvement of its products. In this way we guarantee you reliable and user-friendly products that have been designed together with the end user. Do you have questions about our brushes or do you want to place an order? You can easily contact us via +31(0)76 – 53 09 268 or by sending an email to info@endoss.nl.