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Products for flexible endoscopes

Endoss develops, designs, and distributes medical disposables. We are committed to improve patients safety and to minimalise the chance on infections. In order to do so we offer disposable products for flexible endoscopes.

Patient safety: that is what our goal is. We strive to improve the safety of the patient and take it to the next level. For this reason all our disposable products are sterilised en packed seperately in user friendly packings. All our products are labeled in accordance with the MDR. Each packing is provided with a GS1 barcode or datamatrix (UDI).

Endoss as your supplier

Endoss is your partner for the delivery of accessoiries for flexible endoscopes. We deliver varies products for the endoscopy tower. When you are looking for accessories for flexible endoscopy, Endoss is your partner. Endoss has a wide product range in the field of flexible endoscopy. We offer various solutions for the pre-cleaning of the endoscope, for example pre-cleaning kits. In the range of transport you can find products like tip protectors and tray covers. All these products are sterilized and deliverd in a user-friendly packing.

Contact us

Are you interested in our products? Or do you have any questions about one of our products? You can contact one of our specialists by phone on +31 (0) 76 530 92 68 or by e-mail When you can not find the product you are looking for, please let us know. We are pleased to find a solution and the right product for you. We have offered various custom made products for our customers.