Smiley covers

  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Smiley cover 42×52
  • 22014 - 60x40 bak endoss green
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Smiley Cover 60×40
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  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Smiley cover 48x25x10cm (DIN)
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Smiley covers

Endoss offers smiley covers (tray covers) in various sizes. The smiley covers can be used on the scope pulp tray supplied by us. Even when you need a tray cover in a different (unique) format, you can contact Endoss. At Endoss it is possible to order the tray covers fully customized. All our products are delivered separately packaged and sterilized. These are supplied in a user-friendly dispenser box.

The tray covers from Endoss are also called smiley covers. These covers are provided with a clear mark that indicates whether an endoscope is dirty or clean. For example, a green smiley indicates that the endoscope is clean and a red smiley indicates that the endoscope has already been used and therefore must first be disinfected. Our smiley covers contribute to patient safety because they reduce the risk of infections. The covers are sterilized and have markings on all sides. They are available in various sizes and can also be supplied tailor-made.

Contact us

Do you have questions about our range of tray covers? Or are you curious about what Endoss can do for you in terms of product development? You can contact us via +31 (0)76 – 53 09 268 or by sending an email to Our employees are happy to provide you with professional advice.