Endoscopy irrigation tube sets

Endoss irrigation tube sets

Endoss offers various tube sets for irrigation systems, suitable for all brands and water bottles. The disposable (24h) irrigation tube set is a economic and efficient tube set for the irrigation pump provided with a non-return valve. This product is available for all types of water bottles due to the fact there is a universal cap.

Endoss strives to improve the patients safety and minimize the chance on infections. All our products are sterilized and packed seperately. Endoss involves the end users in the development of products in order to get user friendly products. All our products are labeled with a GS1 barcode or datamatrix (UDI).

The air in the room contains many microorganisms from various patients. Research has shown that 50% or more water bottles were contaminated, as a consequence of the contaminated air being pressed into the bottle with sterile water. Endoss has a unique and patented system to prevent microorganisms to enter the water bottle. A microbiological filter placed in the cap of the tube set. Research shows that after 24h the sterile water is still free of bacteria.

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Are you interested in our disposable irrigation tube sets? Or do you have any questions about one of our products? You can contact one of our specialists by phone on +31 (0) 76 530 92 68 or by e-mail info@endoss.nl. When you can not find the product you are looking for, please let us know. We are pleased to find a solution and the right product for you. We have offered various custom made products for our customers.