Additional products for flexible endoscopy

Additional products from Endoss

Endoss is a supplier in the field of flexible endoscopy. We have disposable tubing for irrigation and rinse and insufflation. Besides the tubing sets we also have various single-use valves for endoscopes.

Endoss offers the following products in the field of endoscopy:

  • Bite blocks. Bite blocks are available in various sizes, suitable for adults and children. Alle bite blocks are single-use, latex free and suit with an easy adjustable band in order to keep the bite block in the right position.
  • Polyp trap. The polyp trap is a safe and user-friendly device to catch polyps during an endoscopy examination. The polyp trap is easy and safe for both the patient as the nurse.
  • Metal UCR adapter. The metal UCR adapter is a reusable adapter that can be placed on the UCR insufflator. It enables you to attach our article 30096 (disposable rinse and insufflation tube) directly on the UCR insufflator.

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Are you interested in our products? Or do you have any questions about one of our products? You can contact one of our specialists by phone on +31 (0) 76 530 92 68 or by e-mail When you can not find the product you are looking for, please let us know. We are pleased to find a solution and the right product for you. We have offered various custom made products for our customers.