Polyp Trap with LED Light option

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Our latest development is a unique Polyp Trap or specimen collector with new features. With the easy pass-through system you will be able to have suction at all times. Once a polyp is caught, the magnifying glass enables you to check with ease if the polyp is safely retrieved. With our distinctive accessory, the LED light, you will be able to have a better visual sight of the polyp in the procedure room. The Polyp Trap with LED light is the latest development in endoscopy technology.

About Endoss

Endoss manufactures medical devices with a focus on flexible endoscopy and CSSD departments. Patient safety, infection prevention and more efficiency for the end user is our aim. Our products and services have been finding their way to Dutch hospitals since 2010. In Germany and Sweden we provide customers with our products and services via our subsidaries Endoss GmbH and Endoss Scandinavia AB. A worldwide network of distributors sells our products to their customers.

Endoss continuously innovates with smart product design and associated packaging. When designing our products, we work closely with the end users to bring user-friendly products to the market.

Come in contact with Endoss

Are you interested in the Polyp Trap with LED light option? You can pre-order the Polyp Trap right now. Do you have questions about the new features? You can contact our specialists via 0765309268  or by sending an email to info@endoss.nl. The Polyp Trap with LED light is available in 2020. Download your flyer