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Patient-oriented collaboration

ENDOSS attaches great value to the users of its products. For this reason we have introduced the term patient-oriented collaboration. We work closely with the end user of the product when developing our innovative products. In recent years, this has led to the development of products that make a difference, such as our Push & Pull brush. We strive for constructive cooperation with all players in the market.

Patient safety

Thanks to our close cooperation with the users of our products, we ensure an increase in patient safety. When you choose ENDOSS products, you are assured that patient safety is increased. All our products are sterilized and delivered separately packed. Our products are also equipped with a GS1 code and a unique traceable code.

Contact us

Are you interested in working with ENDOSS to develop patient-safe products? Contact us to discuss the options. Even when you are looking for customized products, our specialists are happy to help you. Fill in the form and we will contact you. You can also contact us directly at +31(0)76 – 53 09 268.