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New; Flyer with all tip protectors for flexible endoscopes: download here.

ENDOSS - Supplier for products in flexible endoscopy

ENDOSS focuses on the development, design and distribution of disposable medical devices. Our mission is to increase patient safety and reduce the risk of infection. Download our current catalogue now.


ENDOSS offers a wide range of products for flexible endoscopy. All our products contribute to increase patient safety.


ENDOSS offers several solutions for adequate pre-cleaning of flexible endoscopes, such as cleaning brushes for pre-cleaning channels.

Clothing and protection

A safe working environment and discretion for the patient during examinations is important to ENDOSS. Explore now our ENDOSS products!


ENDOSS supplies reliable products for a safe and clean transport of used and clean flexible endoscopes and instruments. View our range of smiley covers and tip protectors here on our website.

Scope Guard Medium


ENDOSS has been active since 2008 with the validation of equipment for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. We are the absolute specialist in the field of scope cleaners and scope drying cabinets. We have gained experience with practically all scope cleaners and Endoss validators have been certified by manufacturers and therefore have been specially trained to validate the machines.